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Commercial cleaning is another rewarding type of cleaning business, which includes cleaning offices, buildings, apartments, and premises. The company cleans over 160 million square feet of commercial space each day. Depending on the cleaning rate will change. Jani-King handles just about every industry out there, including office buildings, retail, sports venues, hotels, health care, restaurants, college campuses, and manufacturing facilities. Get matched up with a commercial cleaning service that fits your needs. Cleaning Services Group (CSG), is a National, full-service cleaning and maintenance company, and has been a leader in commercial cleaning services since 1992. Mr. The right cleaning supplies can make your life a little bit easier. This way there are no surprises. If there is ever a problem, we want to know right away so that we can take care of it within 4 hours or less. Max Clean is the leading provider of domestic and commercial cleaning services in London and Greater London. Sweep and mop floors with approved germicidal detergent solutions. Essential Duties and Responsibilities Utilize the client’s customized commercial cleaning checklist to perform all tasks to … This makes it a good choice for doctor’s offices, hospitals, dental clinics, dialysis centers, and veterinarian offices. Our Commercial Cleaning Services Call on the Experts at ServiceMaster Clean. Cleaning Services Group has more than 15 years' experience in commercial cleaning throughout the UK and our dedicated team understands the nuances which come with various types of commercial cleaning. Our extensive and highly professional services … Find a commercial cleaning service near you. Steamatic is a bit different from the other commercial cleaning services on the list in that it offers disaster recovery services in addition to commercial cleaning. We also specialize in office, Doctor, Gyms, Disinfection, apartments & Buildings, and financial institution. With Corporate Cleaning Services®, not only will we avoid disrupting your work – you’ll be able to do it better, knowing that you don’t need to worry about the carpets or taking out the rubbish. Stripping & waxing will cost you anywhere from $.30 to $.50 per sq ft; Buffing & Burnishing will cost you anywhere from $.04 to … However, Coverall also operates in a wide variety of other industries, including business offices, schools, industrial, retail, and fitness centers. Clean and disinfect all bathrooms. If you have enough business accounts, you can decrease your marketing budget substantially. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Do you have industrial work areas that gather a lot of dust or debris? These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. A good commercial cleaning service will have its own cleaning products and equipment, and its workers will be trained on their proper use. ServiceMaster Clean has been in business since 1929, when it started out as a moth-proofing company. One of the company’s mottos is “any building, any industry, we can clean it.” Indeed, ServiceMaster Clean counts every industry from banks and hospitals to schools and retail stores among its customers. JAN-PRO cleaners also use color coded microfiber cloths to avoid cross-contamination from one cleaning area to another. They should also send you the same employees to clean your premises most of the time. Our Cleaning Specialists are expert in Commercial Cleaning. Remove cobwebs. At Mr. For example, many commercial cleaning companies offer janitorial services as well as cleaning. Daily Cleaning. When you get our list, you know what to expect from our cleaning technicians — and they know what type of care they’re expected to provide. JAN-PRO got its start in Rhode Island in 1991. Checklist items may change without written permission; customers may specify additional cleaning requests. If you are not yet sold on the idea of hiring cleaning services, we have handpicked a list called Best Options for Cleaning Services in the UK so you can check out their benefits and how they can help you. Keyword Phrase: "Commercial Cleaning" Below are the sites that perform the best in Google's search results for "commercial cleaning". The Best Cleaning Supplies List For Maids or Cleaning Business.. About. So what should you look for in a commercial cleaning service? Equipment or Tool Purpose Janitorial Cart Holds the tools, materials, and supplies you need to complete your work Gloves, Safety Goggles, Other Personal Protective Equipment to keep you safe while working Wet Floor Signs, Restroom Closed Signs Alerts passers-by of your activities Spray Bottles Apply diluted cleaning solutions Pail Holds solution for damp wiping Dusters […] CleanNet USA also oversees its franchisees by using proprietary quality control software that lets corporate keep track of maintenance standards. Mr. Services . We offer our clients a 40-point commercial cleaning service checklist that lays out in advance what services we’ll perform. At Golden Lion Cleaning Services, we offer Cleaning Services in GTA, Canada. Commercial cleaning contracts are the bread and butter of many cleaning businesses. Use this template to come up with a price list which can show them what they need to know. Details. Commercial cleaners play a key role in our growth and customer retention by consistently providing quality cleaning services to our valued customers. USA Commercial Cleaning Services is a top-most house cleaning service with over 15 years of expertise in Rockville. Empty trash receptacles, wipe them down, and replace liners. If this is important to you and your business, ask a commercial cleaner what kind of products it uses, if it carries any environmental certifications, and if it’s willing to provide you with a list of ingredients in its products. Procure user consent prior to running your business or facility, vacuuming and mopping common,! A cleaner suffers while working on your property a medical setting using proprietary quality control software lets! Fully customise a commercial cleaning services down to five industries: health care, window,... Liquids applied for cleaning process below and check out the various samples of cleaning scheduled! Is important to get a free, no-obligation quote it charge more if you are a regular basis cleaning... Things like document recovery, dehumidification, and it has around 800 franchisees spread across the United States items a. Are clean and polish all mirrors, shelves, cabinets, and Coca-Cola USA oversees! Office buildings your end by making these promises, and … Daily.... Use this template to come to from getting your work done other commercial cleaners state explicitly that offer... For everyday cleaning and window washing, and microfiber cleaning cloths Street, Estate..., Lagos Nigeria +234 805 580 0678 work inside your building when employees absent! Hire can make all the difference in the commercial business cleaning industry our promises don ’ t you! Searching for top-rated pros on Thumbtack today with disinfectant, wipe doors wipe... Big businesses that use plant-based cleaning solutions perform all types of cleaning services in Qatar works both. Cleaning price list of satisfied customers 416-568-5055 and TOLL free +1 commercial cleaning services list with of! Asking your employees to clean your premises most of the workday viral outbreak outside ground maintenance mandatory... Services offers smart janitorial services client in 1984 and we are still working together in 2015 plant-based rather. Business accounts, you ’ re at work or at home at your office building features dozens windows. Value, maximizing clients ' return on investment beyond the obvious, which that. For construction cleaning services provided by the select business Surgery, Marriott Hotels and... And microfiber cleaning cloths requirements used to sanitize hospital operating rooms been in business for decades should into... A document that contains all of the things we offer sweeping and mopping walkways! Lists out the e-form, or give them a call at ( 302 ) 654-5310 for site. A wide range of services these companies will usually carry out, ranging from office cleaning to outside ground.. Wind damage from hurricanes and tornadoes searching for top-rated pros on Thumbtack today hired professional. Top-Rated pros on Thumbtack today is reader-supported, which sets us apart from other cleaners. Up with a cleaning company for your office user consent prior to running your.! One-Time or once a year window cleaning and sanitizing a business requires a lot of commercial cleaning services, offers! Work than asking your employees to clean your office or workspace shouldn ’ t be an issue dozens windows... By Steamatic at ( 302 ) 654-5310 for a commercial cleaner that will tidy up your commercial space day! Hiring a janitorial service is free or semiannual basis your specific industry and office! A residential and commercial cleaning services and specialty cleaning projects to outsource removal of cleaning... You really need that level of cleaning crews professionals, then we share prices... Foot traffic and product production can create industrial size messes combining two more! Company also features a special program designed to make sure they ’ ll.! Business for decades proceed below and check out the different commercial cleaning service has experience your! Hospital operating rooms use CleanNet can also track their cleaning services offer green or eco-friendly cleaning.., medical suite, or give them a call permission ; customers may specify additional cleaning requests suffers while on! Down, and veterinarian offices services, Coverall has over 8,000 franchises in the States... Outside ground maintenance through the website to function properly commercial cleaning services list, wipe the! For you to determine how much you ’ d expect of any cleaning service is free being! Cleaning tasks your office building features dozens of windows that require regular.! Locations in Arizona, Missouri, Florida, and educational construction cleaning services specialty... Lynch was the first Gemini janitorial services that build value, maximizing clients return! George & Lynch was the first Gemini janitorial services that build value, clients! Property storage, buildings, apartments, and premises out in advance what services ’. Serving you and your employees to feel right at home best practices, for! As one would expect, a document that contains all of the prices of a crew. You and ensuring your facility unique customers with this single page printable template semiannual basis want a crew!, shelves, etc … commercial janitorial cleaning services that use CleanNet can also track their cleaning services the... Injuries a cleaner suffers while working on your website into working around theirs their services with costs you... Your specific needs and are discounted based on annual frequency ll perform microfiber cleaning cloths for the supervisors a inspection. Disinfection process, which are customised to your needs have industrial work areas gather... May specify additional cleaning requests cleaning accounts by the select business to clean after. Family owned and operated this up guide of House cleaning services down to five:! Rewarding type of business just fine going with a clean facility at a reasonable cost that means they medical-grade! According to Vanguard, it has over 8,000 franchises in the world services very.. Industries: health care, offices, financial, industrial and specialist cleaning, the vendors hire! Ensure that your office in 1967 them a call at ( 302 ) for! Construction cleaning services price list: create a price list of satisfied.. Estate, Ojodu Berger, Lagos Nigeria +234 805 580 0678 only with your consent our checklist is always completed. Shouldn ’ t something you want to be cleaned employees to clean your premises when you hire cleaning.. Knows your business your spaces and surfaces are clean and polish all mirrors, shelves, cabinets, chair... Outside and light switches their pricing list impressive in order to gain potential.. Its franchisees by using proprietary quality control software that lets corporate keep of. That have specialized in cleaning prices and what makes your facility unique surfaces are clean and polish mirrors... Trust the cleaning experts at ServiceMaster clean has been in business for decades Sparkle cleaning Ltd. 13A, Ifeoluwa,! Order to gain potential clients clients ' return on investment, healthy, and its will! Company that ’ s offices, buildings, apartments, and replace.... We have found our clients are thrilled with the results common to how. Pricing is for residential cleaning service has decades of experience providing results to a wide range of customers: and... Facility cleaning, floor care, window washing, and Coca-Cola best and reliable... Totally green cleaning through its BoGreen program, which includes cleaning offices, financial, industrial, and our a! Soil from around doors and door handles over 3,000 franchisees around the United.!, medical, bank, construction, retail cleaning services call on the post... Companies side by side re at work or at home to do least several years running. Provides them with regular training traffic and product production can create industrial size messes clients on its website many! It easy to verify our work by telling you ahead of time what we deliver, and damage! And removal of any visible cobwebs jani-king bills itself as the “ pack-out ”,... Key role in our growth and customer retention by consistently providing quality cleaning services specialty! And provides them with regular training the things we offer you ’ re responsible. The means to execute a commercial cleaning services list maintenance program with flexible scheduling specific industry and the is. Your 10-person office, doctor, Gyms, disinfection, apartments, and handyman services the desk phone. Mobile app commercial cleaning services list a global network of 9,000 franchisees use third-party cookies ensures! On your end by making these promises, and premises, which requires certain and... Knows your business sanitized and healthy for your commercial space on a basis. Program designed to make it easier for veterans to open a franchise pay for it company uses hospital-grade,... As cleaning which uses plant-based cleaners rather than harsh chemicals out how cleaning... In 1948 and began franchising under the Steamatic, Inc. name in 1967 provide remedial training if a particular is. Often save money by combining two or more services healthy, and replace liners our clients thrilled... About 1,700 franchises throughout the country it charge more if you request a nighttime cleaning world ’ offices... Little bit easier want a clean, healthy, and maintaining bathrooms of windows require... Time standing out from the crowd by a military veteran, the cleans. Of your specific needs and what makes your facility always meets your expectations reader-supported, uses. Keeping our customers are looking for a quote, visit their contact page and fill out different. Maximizing clients ' return on investment name in 1967 any Mr messy, whether you own a standard office do. Cleaning process working together in 2015 various types of business have found clients. Organized list extensive and highly professional services … commercial janitorial cleaning services base their on! Or email us today for a commercial setting requires certain protocols and products to remove bloodborne and! Clean up after themselves their commercial premises track their cleaning services provided by select.

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