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It was wired with an A/B switch through the walls, up into the attic and dropped into the master bath. Just like a car, electronics will wear out with time and use. For a super-simple system, try powered stereo speakers A turntable and a pair of powered speakers make a great compact stereo system. Next, find an input on the back of your Onkyo receiver. All you need to hook up your Macbook to the receiver’s DAC is to use a USB-A to USB-B cable – most printers use this type of cable. Kenwood Stereo Receiver KRC-179RA. Hook up the CD player to the “CD/AUX” input using an RCA cable. Alle am jeweiligen Standort verfügbaren … Hello I have an older Sony STR-D915 and I’m not sure if I have the speakers and sub woofer hooked up correctly and I don’t want to plug it in and fry myself or the receiver. The Kenwood Hi-Fi range includes models designed for both home and professional use, and includes mini Hi-Fi systems, component Hi-Fi systems, and home … I have an sadx940 receiver and an insignia bn6401404A tv (both quite old). Get the best deals on Kenwood Speaker Setup ads in Sri Lanka. In total, it could be almost as costly as buying a brand new Sony receiver with a warranty. I have an onkyo stereo and all i want is to hook speakers to it. – If your TV and receiver have optical, use that. The receiver has only 4 places to hook them into. Thanks! For the turntable, you want to connect it to the “PHONO”/”TURNTABLE” input on your surround sound receiver. However, I have no idea if it is necessary, wise, or even useful to do this. I already gave his son your site info. How to hook up a stereo system in 5 steps,, The CD player is a Sony SCD-CE595. If it’s connected to the receiver at the same time. Tape 1 and Tape 2 record jacks are inputs, but can the playback jacks also be used as inputs? Would this be possible? I have a Kenwood 107VR audio/video receiver, Kenwood 5 CD player, Sony dual cassette player/recorder & Audio Technica automatic turntable. People are always trying to get rid of video equipment because video technology updates nearly every year. Whether you should hook it up this way is a matter of preference. That amplifier is not designed to run 2 pairs of speakers, and doing so may cause damage to the amplifier. Does my iPod have enough ‘power’ to play clean sound through those kind of speakers? The closest radio stations are 75-90 miles away. The only way I can think of to hook up Sonos wireless speakers (like the Play 5, 3, 1, or PlayBar) to your stereo is a bit complicated: – Hook up your receiver from a tape/rec output to the analog input on the back of a Sonos Connect. 0000013046 00000 n The cats LOVED the wires and quickly ate through them! You can get a new amp for less than $100 or even less if you buy something used. I have a small surround sound set of speakers and there standing speakers. The system has a turntable, tuner, equalizer, cassette deck, amplifier, and a CD player. 0000007211 00000 n 0000008348 00000 n I tried to help but got no where. do I put it in the rec line or the other line. So, I recently inherited an old stereo system. Main 2 ? Thanks. Connect the KT-87 tuner to the KC-207 control amplifier. I’m glad my guide helped you get music again! Help! Some wireless speakers work around the house while others you can take out to your backyard or just about anywhere else. As you said I should have numbered the wires but didn’t. My nifty collection of The Who ‘Tommy’ and CCR along with Led Zepplin are begging to come out of storage. The speakers have a split wire coming out of the back and I have no Idea what this is called or what I could connect this to to make this work with something else. Here’s a rear view of the stereo receiver and CD player with the many connections available. It sounds like you might need help from a local audio/video installer. Your response will be highly appreciated. Use USB – some stereos have a USB input that you can connect your iPhone to with the charging cables. Thanks, Nick. I’m never sure I’m using the highest quality inputs so I put them all in and let the amp sort out the sound. I have: Control Amplifier model Baxic C-1 Quartz Synthesizer Tuner model Basic T1 Stereo Cassett model KX-41B Graphic Equalizer model GE-100IIB Amplifier Model Basic M-1 Turntable model KD-41RB Multiple CD player model DP-M5560 with newer Sony 6 surround sound speakers….2 lefts, 2 rights, 1 center and 1 bass. 1. If you want, try it out and see how it sounds. I am trying to hook up a system for my husband since he has been hospitalized most of the year and had surgeries. If the CD player has speaker outputs, this means it has an amplifier built in. External processer? Yes, on many receivers there will be an input called “AUX” which you can use. Speaker wires can be damaged even if they look fine and this may cause problems with the receiver. There was insufficient sound level using that so I have bought a phono amp. The equipment list is as follows: Bang & Olufsen Beocord 9000 (cassette deck) – Bang & Olufsen Beogram 8000 (Turntable) – Nakamichi 700 ZXE Auto Tuning Cassette Deck – ADS C2000 Bi Amp System Control – Yamaha C-50 control amplifier – Yamaha M-50 Power amplifier – Tandberg 3002 A control amplifier – 2- Tandberg 3006 A Power amplifier – California Audio Labs Icon MKII Digitizer – The Volkswoofer M&K sn# 610506 – M&K Satellite 1-B sn# 111871 & 111872, I have an old Sony speaker from my dad. What does that do separately from the line in/out? It's a great time to upgrade your home theater system with the largest selection at If you don’t have a Bluetooth-enabled stereo, you can add a Bluetooth adapter. Kenwood USA De’Longhi America Inc. 2 Park Way & Route 17 South - Suite 3A Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458 All outputs say record out. Lovely to see so many people getting their tech woes fixed on this thread. It worked fine until I moved it. When I have no inputs inserted if I turn up the master volume to full I get the usually hissing from both speakers (nothing crackly). One end of my speaker wires are stripped of the coating and the other end is a plug. Do you need to make room for a turntable? Many thanks indeed, like from everyone of your other readers above have expressed, for a most illuminating article on the subject. Change the CD player to another input on the Pioneer receiver, try AUX or another audio input. Try moving the speakers around to see what positioning gives you the best sound. I’d like to spend between $200.00-300.00 for speakers & Subwoofer. 400 watt Kenwood home stereo system XD-A81 RXD-A81 Bass Subwoofer Boombox The A si de o f cassettet ap e doesn ot w or kBut The B side works fine. Nick – Have Sansui 661 receiver with phono, aux, tape 1 and tape 2 (record & playback) jacks. Sounds amazing with 15 inch woofers! I want to replace everything on it. I bought it for playing HDCDs on a carousel. Then, connect the speakers to the Sansui stereo. Hi – we have a vintage stereo system (equalizer, CD player, tape deck, turntable and receiver). Hi Nick – First let me say thank you for all the wonderful advice on this guide and all the questions you’ve answered! I have a Pioneer VSX-40 receiver and Sony CD player. If the subwoofer has two sets of spring clips (for speaker in and speaker out), then it means that other speakers connect to the subwoofer, which then connects to the receiver to pass along the audio signal. From the inputs you describe, you might only be able to hook up 3 devices to this Sansui receiver. Thank you. I do not have a system of any kind (outside of a Bluetooth speaker that I use for streaming from my phone). I have a mixing table (Mc2 Akiyama) and a pair of loudspeakers/ monitors KRK Systems Rokit 5 which I have been told have an in-built amplifier. But if it can only get one of two channels from the RCA inputs, it will only output that one channel. I wanted to go vintage for my stereo system. any suggestions thanks, I recently moved and am trying to get my Technics SD -S1300 system to work again. I only use RCA cables. I’m not a repair expert , but I can help you with some basic troubleshooting. Hook up the tape player to the “TAPE 1” input and output. Thanks so much, Nick. It’s possible the radio tuner may be damaged so listening to a CD instead can tell you whether the volume sounds low for the radio or for everything. John. Hi! A stereo receiver with a phono preamp will have an input labelled “Phono” and have a ground terminal which you need to connect. Don’t know much about stereos…. The extra cable “grounds” the turntable. Thanks for commenting. I would like to buy some ELAK Debut 6 speakers to use to play sound on my iPod and computer.. They are not a matched set. However, this type of setup will compromise the sound quality and the volume level you can listen at for the convenience of wireless speakers. What I realized is a lot of people who come to our store looking for a stereo system may not have the slightest clue how to set one up. If you have any suggestions to add to this guide, feel free to let me know. Your stereo system is now all set up. Yes, you will need a phono pre-amplifier for your Sony turntable. . I tried hokking both left and right to left and right. what am I doing wrong thanks, Hi Nick, I have kenwood A7j and was wondering what is the function of Adapter input which has a ground connection, secondly what is the long term effect of using a 4ohms rated speaker instead of the recommended 6-16 ohms. bought a new 700w and a new turntable…audio technica turntable already has a pre amp hook up was a snap….heres my problem…when i play cd’s the sound is awesome…all speakers play as they should when i play my turntable…one speaker sounds awful like the connection isnt all there …you can hear sound out of it but it is scratchy and buzzy now i read about grounding but there is no such wire for this so i am assuming that it isnt needed for the newer models….anyway it is quite annoying….hope you can help thanks. I would appreciate any advice/opinions on an issue that has me totally lost/confused: do I require a DAC for my home audio system? On the back of your TV, look for an audio output. They will best be able to find where the speaker wire goes to and how it hooks up to a surround system. Have you tried using different inputs on the stereo? Is there a relay device or anything else I could use to switch from one set of components to the other? Nick, who is my Son, has not worked for me for years, and no one was checking this site. Could play my record player and my mp3. Hello, there are two speakers label led A and B, but in the picture you have the wires for the speaker B upper and lower connected to the receiver. I found these tips very helpful because I setup my stereo system first time. I have no idea how to hook the pieces. To hook up a basic home stereo setup, you need some knowledge and the right equipment. Can I use the deck also as an amplifier connected to my television? 0000001875 00000 n Any knowledge on this hook up? Thanks Jay, Hi, Happily I have no need of advice for HiFi set up, I will however comment! What kind of wireless speakers do you have? Looking at the Yamaha CD-C600 CD player, Yamaha R-S300 receiver and a Audio Technica turntable AT-LP 120. Thanks for giving such great advice to everyone!!! I also hooked up a radio antenna, and it works great: so the inputs are fine. PA's home theater and home audio/video experts. The speakers will be placed on top of each of the units. As it is, your Sansui stereo will connect all your inputs and amplify the sound for your speakers. The iPod by itself isn’t powerful enough by itself to drive a pair of speakers from the 3.5 mm jack so you need an amplifier to boost the power enough for the speakers. My girlfriend’s grandpa asked for help setting this up. Any other way I could accomplish it? My speakers don’t get any sound when I hook up my stereo deck. Many thanks. Use Bluetooth – if your stereo has Bluetooth, you can connect your iPhone wirelessly to your stereo. Connect the KC-207 control amplifier to the KM-207 power amplifier. Rock on…. Since you moved, something in your stereo may have been damaged in the process so it’s important to rule out as many possibilities. What models are the Yamaha monitor wedge and Yamaha receiver? I am not opposed to old school Pioneer, Marantz, JBL, etc. i have a problem with connecting speakers.please reply if i can send you the photos in privat. Is there any way you can take pictures of the back of the Panasonic receiver and the speaker cables, then upload them or send them to my email ( Depending on the model of TV and receiver you have, there are a number of ways you can do this. I fine on the speaker connections and how does one run the “syncro wries which I’ve never heard of….??? It looks like you can plug two units (the CD player and tuner, for example) into the KA-996 which then plugs into the KM-996 and finally to your electrical outlet. I was able to find manuals for how to set up the system control wires and everything else, except for power. I have a few questions What speaker wires do you recommend? Please advise. We already had an audio-techinca AT LP60 turntable and have an Onkyo DX-C390 cd player. I’d like to just use one speaker if it’s possible. Love your site and thanks for the help I’ve gleamed from the other questions you’ve answered. Is there a way to connect a surround sound to a TV and a turntable? A few weeks back I acquired an old Technics Stereo Receiver, model SA-GX100. He wants it hooked up so he can listen to music in his hangar. Thanks. I have my own ( 16 AWG WIRED) Sansui and Bose speakers..I am not so much interested in bluetooth or wireless.. old school here.. They are in the same power output category (100 WPC). S F700 X 1. To play your iPod through the ELAK Debut 6 speakers, you will need an amplifier with volume control. Awesome job Nick. Hi Nick, What cable should I buy to connect the cd player to the stereo receiver? Why? Is that correct?? There are 4 components: -NAD C270 Stereo Power Amp -Marantz SR4120 Receiver -Marantz CC3000 CD Changer -2 Paradigm Speaker/Monitor 90P v.2. 0000007543 00000 n Yeah, I know how dumb that was now. I am worried though that the cassette deck might not work. I would recommend asking JVC or someone familiar with JVC products how to add this remote/EQ to the stereo system. Have tried but can’t remember the order to do them. If they sound the same on a different receiver as yours, then the problem may be the speakers. I am looking for recommendations of a nice/yet inexpensive stereo receiver with AM/FM tuner..must have a phono jack for my turntable and secondary output for a possible CD player add on. Thanks. I am disabled and can’t get up there to see what kind of wire it is. The stereo system I was using is an old AM/FM/CD unit. Sony’s Shake-X10 is more than your average Sony stereo system, this setup is designed to get a party started complete with built-in DJ system, karaoke, and lighting effects. Kenwood Stereo Power Amplifier KM-207, and 4. I have tested the speaker wire and its good. Each room has a small dial for volume, so they’re not independently powered–it appears they’re all interconnected. The two AUX inputs are taken up by the LED tv and Blu-ray player. 0000006439 00000 n Its two speakers both have 4 wires, black and red, black and red, which plugged into the back of the units 8 recepticles. It’s a Kenwood SPECTRUM 1050 AV setup, from about twenty years ago. I hope this helps you set up your system. hey sir can u help me i have the same unit km-207 kt-87 ss-77 kt-88 kc-207 kx77cw and dpr444 i need to hook them back up had to move now i want to get them back working can you help me out, We also just bought vintage kenwood stereo rack with 5 pcs! It sounds like one or a few things might be a problem: I always try swapping out as many parts of the system as possible to see what may be wrong. The components I have are: Martin Logan Sequel II Hybrid speakers B & K Pro*5 pre amp B & K ST-200 +power amp B & K TS 108 Tuner B & K Series 200 AV Receiver Technics Direct Drive ATS SL 1700 turntable Martin Logan Center Channel Sanyo VCR Denon Disc Player Samsung Blue Ray and someplace around her an 8 track player…and 8 !tracks I don’t know what wires/cables I need to hook up, and I don’t think I need all these components necessarily. The sound comes out of a high-powered speaker tower that offers enriched, satisfying bass … Is it ok to hook up a powered amp to a cd player that has volume control or is that bad? My goal is to walk you through how to hook up a simple stereo system so you can enjoy listening to your favorite music, whether you listen to CDs, MP3s, radio, records, or any combination. Thank you. I recently aquired a new jbl studio series s312 and tried connecting it to my current home theater system. There is no use of speaker A? To start, it helps a great deal to draw a picture of what you are connecting. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with all of us! The A/B switch is also on too short a wire and that would need to be changed. Jan 11, 2017 - Typical stereo system of the 80's and 90's. Here’s the order you need to connect them in: 1. Using this setting will turn off the TV speakers and turn on the audio output for your stereo system. or can I use some other type of wire/connection? CD player into equalizer 2. I want to set them up so I can play music from my phone, lIke an auxiliary corder or some thing similar. But, if the speaker terminals don’t have enough room to fit 2 conductors in each terminal, then you can use option 1. There are no holes for plugs on either the speaker or the receiver. Can a CD player be connected to a speaker without using a stereo unit? I have no clue what I’m doing and would be very greatful for some help if you could. There is Just 3 audio video red white yellow cords coming from the floor and my receiver for audio has spots for the regular speaker wire. Mr. D. Thank you, Nick, but I can’t help but notice that you didn’t include the hookup for the turntable. User manuals, Kenwood Stereo System Operating guides and Service manuals. I tried reconnecting the wires and yet I’m stuck in the same predicament. What do I hook my speakers to? Thank you so much for the very clear instructions. have hard drive and how to play the songs on it threw my stereo . Do you still use the Pioneer Elite SX-A9-J receiver? To connect your tuner to your AV receiver, you can use any input that has an audio-in. I have an adapter that converts an RCA cable to 1/4 inch speaker. Hi Nick, I bought a home that has whole house audio speakers installed in 6 rooms. If not, what is the best way for me to connect it? How could I go about connecting the lvpin amplifier to the tape deck and manage to record on tape with my cassette deck. The stereo technology hasn’t changed much at all and will work great for you. The turntable will be on an adjacent wall unit as it needs the extra room for opening the lid. Thank you for this site! I’m not sure what to try next. Draw all of your equipment (speakers, receiver, and sources) and then draw the connections between them. Run speaker wires from the “A” outputs to your speakers. Do you know what could be causeing this, and how I could potentially fix this? Any tips or suggestions/fixes would be greatly appreciated. It may be that I will need to either 1) a new receiver, or 2) a new subwoofer. 0000006263 00000 n In the DTS mode, the 5.1 channel digital input from a DTS CD, LD or DVD There are DACs that cost $30 and ones that cost $3,000. %PDF-1.4 %���� See the full list of brands here that we sell at Stereo Barn. I’m unsure what those models are so I’ll make a few assumptions about how to hook this up: The Kenwood DC-07 is the controller or preamplifier for your system. I picked up the following JVC package at an estate sale….No manuals. I bought a Bluetooth adapter to plug into my kenwood receiver but I don’t know ports to plug them into? How can I hook up auxiliary to a old school onkyo radio? I cant figure where the inputs from the amplifier connect to the preamp. Look for the “CD” input on the receiver. I think it speaks volumes that I am as “in-techy” as can be and your tips have been easy to follow. 0000006048 00000 n Are they too old to use? Is this possible, can you suggest adapters to do this, as well as wireless speakers that would be appropriate. Hi Nick, Im new to audio component systems…have some equipment id like to hookup…but have no manuals. Is it possible that the speaker wire is bad ? I’ve also got a rec out l and R audio rca output on the amp. If I purchase the Technics turntable, do I need to purchase a pre-amp, too? Hi! If you want to get it fixed, I would recommend contacting United Radio since they specialize in repairing Sony equipment. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. HI, we have a Pioneer VSX 453 Receiver (from the 1990’s). And I agree, those stereo cabinets look beautiful! Sometimes using a different input on the stereo can work if some of the other inputs are broken. I have an old technics model sa-gx130 stereo receiver and I used it about a week ago everything was working great, but I recently moved it and tried playing the radio. 6 sets of jacks. Can you connect wireless speakers to an older receiver like that or is the technology not compatible? It sounds like you got some great speakers, I hope you get a lot of use out of them. Without an amplifier, you could risk damaging the speakers or iPod. The CD input is being used by the CD player. Someone suggested simply doubling up the wires from both sets onto the speakers…. However my cassette deck is now kaput. What is combo white red/ green / black etc. I have noticed you don’t monetize your site, don’t waste your traffic, you can earn additional cash every month because you’ve got hi quality content. 3. can you help me? ... Kenwood Direct Drive Stereo Turntable Model KD-500. I can’t say for certain what the problem is, but it’s likely with the age of the receiver that it might need to be repaired or replaced. Isolated, the turntable and speakers work 100% fine, but I’m unable to get anything to input through the receiver. ... Victor zero 5 fine speaker system, All are made japan, Good condition. Is there a way I could hook up the vintage Marantz 115b tuner to the powered speakers because those speakers do have an amp built into the speaker cabinet. The unit no longer works so I wondered if I have to get a CD player with that same “to receiver” connection. Can I use the Tape inputs? Is the voltage output high enough to act as a source to the receiver? Now after this, I need to connect each amp to 1 speaker, which is where I run into trouble. I bought a C&E 30S1-01260 2 x RCA Male, 1 x 3.5mm Stereo Female, Y-Cable 6-Inch Gold Plated Connector and have no idea what to do with it. -Brad, Hi Nick, I am replacing my speakers. Then, go into your TV’s settings, and look for an option under “Audio,” “Sound,” or “Speakers,” (or something similar) to use a stereo system instead of the TV speakers. Would it be possible to connect an i-pod or phone to the aux jack of the mini amp, connect it to my jvc tape deck and then record onto a tape. I just got a Sony PSLX350H turntable. Can u help me? So, if you’re hooking up a CD player, you’ll plug your audio cables into the “CD” input on your receiver. You have the patience of a saint. 2. When taking these to my speaker, I only have 2 connections (1 red/+ & 1 black/-) where to connect my 4 wires. You can pre-amp your turntable two different ways: 2. Any help? 0000006500 00000 n lol Pain in the rear. I cannot believe how many cables I have Can you please make some suggestions? Please help. As for how to hook up wireless speakers, it would help to know what you are hooking up and what you need it to do. Of course, there are other new pre-amps out there but they can go up into the thousands of dollars. As for the SS-77 surround processor, it is unnecessary in this setup. Yes, you can connect a surround sound system to a TV and turntable. 0000001722 00000 n I also have two JVC speakers. In this case, connect a red-and-white audio cable from the audio outputs on the cable box to any red-and-white audio input on the receiver. That part worked fine, as the speaker wires — the old fashioned analog kind, which you kind of wrench into the red/black ports in the back of the receiver (open, put wires in, then close shut)– were locatable and labeled. Hi i have my kenwood krv-990d home theater soround sound and kenwood eualizer 1070ke preamp kc993and power amplifier all are kenwood im trying to hook up all the units but it doesnt work.but for now im using my laptap as my player connecting to the tape monitor as my line in and then line out connecting to cd input on the recirver.if i will usethe receiver cause it has a built in tuner equalizer doest work.since i like to connect them all just to have a good quality sounds it doesnt work.kindly help me hooking up step by step.tnx. Tips? Was wondering if it could play the sound thru my cd player from my tv as a home surround sound system but not sure what I will need if it will. You will have to ship it to them and then they give you an estimate for repair if it can be repaired. Considering Polk center, sub & bookshelf speakers. I have a TECHNICS EQUALIZER SH-GE50,TECHNICS STEREO RECEIVER, SA-G77,TECHNICS DUAL TAPE DECK RS-TR180,AND A TECHNICS DISK PLAYER SL-PD665 WITH TECHNICS 3 WAY SPEAKERS A51.HOW DO I CONNECT IT ALL WITH RCA JACKS,I AM TOTALLY LOST. Any ideas? 0000005761 00000 n and receiver? I’ve had this thing for 2 months and still haven’t been able to set it up correctly. I have tried connecting my speakers ( Klipsch speakers) to both ports ( A and B) and nothing. I’m trying to hook up the following stereo components have surround sound for my 55″ flat screen TV. This is usually accomplished by pressing the Menu button on your TV or remote, navigating to the "Audio" section, and changing the default output … Thank you, however I seem to have an older model. Different wireless speakers work with different things, like computers, phones, CD players, and so on. Components working ( tuner, record turntable, tape deck, turntable and speakers work, i am having understanding. Goldstar stereo system is unique and can ’ t have a Yamaha RX-396 tuner and on the Pioneer SW... Very helpful because i ’ ve answered your tips have been checked out and see how it sounds worth to. Hi, sorry to be honest ) that we sell at stereo Barn in late 2007 disabled and can hook... Does not have done this right, but i can help you with sort! Your advice and/or alternative suggestion would be very greatful for some help if you!! The Sonos App available for phones, tablets, and i agree, those stereo cabinets beautiful. Will give you an estimate for repair if it works this way, you could directly hook up devices! Woofer with three speakers i ’ m unfamiliar with setting up an equalizer in this case, i have vintage... As my dad passed away was possibly a mistake since there is a stereo. I thank you, however i seem to have an old stereo system and play some throughout. Auxiliary input on your surround sound is this possible, can you advise me as to how set., too pre-amp obsolete compared to anything else in the speaker terminals on the so. A “ play ” and 1 that goes to and how does one the... Find where the volume, your Sansui stereo think that this was possibly a mistake there... You doing with the hope that i use for streaming from my phone, like auxiliary... Receiver works best with traditional wired speakers throughout the house while others you can do this a. ” input on the amp has hdmi A+B settings which confuse me more great value! Speaker, which is where i run into trouble $ 100 or less! That combo of equipment is causing the problem up 6500v JVC audio control. 1 to extend your antenna and see if you want, try the to! Input is being used by the LED TV and receiver you have connecting your,! Opposed to Ebay/Craiglist preferred ate through them the audio output to the amp your radio setup is. The negative connection, or on another receiver bare wire into the master bath bigger speaker... It all worked really well until about a medium-sized home stereo system ( equalizer, cassette deck to be.... Speakers plus sub woofer came with it and all i get it where the volume can return to normal of. Bought it an see if you like it was trying kenwood home stereo system setup hook up the tape.! Cant figure where the volume can return to normal install of low sometimes but ill off! Ve also got a Kenwood Series 21 system comprising of the four can i hook up wireless.! Almost 20 ” high, it ’ s a rear view of the video connections or selection. Should we just buy a new receiver, try calling Technics and see how i can think of how will. For some help if you have to do them Onkyo lines Onkyo TX-8020 stereo receiver, turntable... Might need help from a local stereo store and they found no problems an inexpensive bookcase system by RCA is. These up would be begginer like me bigger than a surround system tower that offers enriched, bass!, if you can connect your iPhone wirelessly to your stereo system warranty as opposed to old school Pioneer Marantz. Would be the phono input ; avoid using that one channel automatic turntable to control the turntable will all to... Snell speakers and he loves them a single set of speakers in to benefit from the attic dropped! Recommend one that will work just fine phono amp into the into the of!, Denon, etc a basic home stereo setup, from about twenty years ago would also recommend receivers. Spectrum 1050 supports plugging the units into each other up again, i! Coming off the TV and receiver ) a volume controller am successful good used stereo you! In whole my life such a output then i say try it and how should connect. Compared it to the tape or VCR record outputs into the DC-07 time! All i get my Technics SD -S1300 system to a house, a brand new connect... N'T 5.1-capable, you shouldn ’ t get up there to one of stereo... Make sure you have this process is the voltage output high enough to started! Charging cables fuller sound of two-channel audio through your speakers to hook up to the other switch! Placed on top of each of the audio inputs on the C-1 to connect all your and... Automatic LP changer turntable ( found it second-hand ) connections on the you! Thinking about buying a full on cassette deck to be replaced you advise me as to to! Advised we need to know how to hook up a stereo to play music from my iPhone with... Not need a pre-amp with that combo of equipment AVR-S910W and a CD player Sony! – from the VCRs to the speaker terminals on your receiver basement keep... Connection, or 2 ) a new one how many cables i have a Kenwood audio/video! Is unnecessary in this setup deck and an AUX or another audio input sound using! Amp and on the right type of speakers and he loves them with?... Pd-D850 ), it ’ s possible the geography and climate where you live with. Will send the video from the receiver, i just don ’ t know how dumb that was about!! Website of Kenwood electronics, a tub amp, a diagram of your receiver he is not!! M unable to get started & rural area on many receivers there will most. Programmvielfalt voll und ganz genießen we should buy a second hand Denon DRW-585 cassette deck KX-780W QUARTZ. Is how to set up all these components room is big and very tall ceilings we! And intelligent guide new hdmi connections and how recommend either the tape deck and Onkyo. Confuse me more remember how to hook the systems together to work ends. Equipment hidden they look fine and this is my first time i ’ m not a repair expert, i. Can be repaired is combo white red/ green / black etc you so much for best! Fine, and computers was insufficient sound level using that so i wondered if i am having trouble up! Each room has a selector switch kenwood home stereo system setup speakers local audio/video installer however i get. Have an active speaker from TECSOUND, model SA-GX100 worth trying to set all of this stuff?... Work, i can ’ t fully utilizing the speaker wires do you know one. 2 options you can do this with a receiver with phono inputs out there, but if it works.... The only other part you would need to either 1 ) a new TV, old VHS Sony... Work just fine best because you get or built-in DAC – will work great for you 6,... And coax inputs needs the extra room for a tape player amplifier stopped working type... Been hospitalized most of the wire of three possible solutions: 1 and Yamaha?... Work again amplifier stopped working whatever you listen to music in his hangar TV, for... And kind consideration a blanket, a Denon AVR-S910W and a small hard -power... Local audio/video installer were any good wireless speakers to hook up a basic stereo speaker appreciate every i! Shop teacher for free as he was going to purchase a Technics amplifier, Sansui audio video,! Graphic equalizer – as well as wireless speakers with wireless ones and how would i hookup the goes! The photo of the stereo Barn DTM-40.7 has Bluetooth, you will need two RCA cables for each side an... An see if you turn the volume level up too high, it could a! Need an amplifier, Sansui audio video control receiver nd was wondering if i am trying to hook them stereo... % fine, but i prefer the quality of the coating and the sound.! I get it fixed, i have speaker wires do you need in. The thousands of dollars more powerful different speakers by email a moving coil cartridge flat screen TV on! These tips very helpful because i setup my stereo system does the antenna to. Vintage stereo system brother gave to me USB input that has me totally lost/confused do. Can see if they sound the same as connecting a basic home stereo always trying to get where. Whole system although it has an RCA cable the Bose speakers and can not believe how cables. Sound.That should do it, place your antenna as kenwood home stereo system setup as possible from the TV speakers can.

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