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The keeper of a dog shall be responsible for immediately removing fecal or other visible solid waste of the keeper’s dog from property other than the keeper's. To establish administrative procedures to provide for review of any detail, suspension, revocation or failure to issue a license or certificate in regard to any of the above delegated functions. By Klamath County (Or.) At any regular public meeting of the Klamath County Board of Commissioners, and upon a majority vote of those members then present, the Board may adopt a Resolution or Order to place an advisory question or questions on the ballot to determine voter attitudes on matters of local concern, at any general or special election otherwise held. . The notice shall be set aside by the Court only upon a request by the person cited made before the close of the hearing and upon a determination that the error is prejudicial to the person’s defense. Court Arraignments. (1) Within the incorporated limits of any city except as provided pursuant to Klamath Code 400.700; nor to, (2) Federal or State agencies that collect, store, transport or dispose of wastes or solid wastes or those who contract with such agencies to perform the service, but only as to rates for collection, service and terms for service; nor to. . Periodically as required, the Solid Waste and Parks Manager will propose to the Board of County Commissioners rules to be followed by the public at the transfer stations. The County Clerk shall accept from any person or group of persons, as specified in O.R.S. (2) The Animal Control Office shall be the County office cognizant of state and county agency jurisdictions regarding animal issues and where appropriate, they shall provide coordination, referral and assistance to the public, other agencies and departments. (2) The Board shall approve the transfer if it finds that the transferee meets all applicable requirements met by the original franchise holder. Klamath County Public Health COVID-19. 466.005. provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as assistance animals. 72 likes. This authority shall not include the power to engage in the physical arrest of violators. The sections and subsections of this Chapter are severable. The Board of County Commissioners may employ or contract with any person for purposes of maintaining a County cemetery. If the owner or person in charge of the property cannot be reasonably determined, the notice provided for herein shall be mailed by prepaid, certified mail, return receipt requested, to the addressee's last known address. (3) “Adequate Care” means the provision of adequate food, adequate water, adequate shelter, adequate sanitary conditions, adequate exercise and keeping the animal in a state of good health. Should the care be less than 10 days, the keeper may receive a partial refund from the County after deducting any fines or fees still owing. The Animal Control Officer shall charge an additional fee in addition to the regular licensing fee charged by Klamath County for a license following designation as a dangerous dog. (25) “Rules” means rules promulgated by federal, state or local agencies pursuant to applicable statues. If, in the opinion of the Chief Administrative Officer, abatement cost will not exceed. (3) No exterior storage shall be closer than twenty-five. A $5 fee will apply to any user that returns Total population of KLAMATH County, OR: 66,380: Male population of KLAMATH County, OR: 33,051: Female population of KLAMATH County, OR: 33,329: Median age (years) (5) No license fee shall be required to be paid for any assistance dog. (1) If the owner or occupant of the land fails or refuses to immediately destroy or cut the noxious weed, the Weed Control Supervisor shall at once issue a Uniform Civil Violation Citation in accordance with KCC Chapter 800 for violation of KCC Section. domesticated fowl and any fur-bearing animal bred and maintained commercially or otherwise, within pens, cages and hutches. (2) “Collection vehicle” means any vehicle properly licensed and used to collect or transport solid waste. Circuit Court or Justice Court shall have concurrent jurisdiction over violations of this Code. Other interested persons or affected public or private agencies may appear and offer oral or written testimony. (14) “Dog at Large" means any dog off the premises or property of its keeper, and not restrained by a leash, tether, or other physical control device not to exceed eight (8) feet in length and under the physical control of a person; or which enters upon land of another person without authorization of that person or a lawful occupant. Klamath County Property Records are real estate documents that contain information related to real property in Klamath County, Oregon. (1) Whenever necessary to make an inspection to enforce any of the provisions of this code, or whenever the Chief Administrative Officer or his/her authorized representative has reasonable cause to believe that there exists in any building or upon any premises any condition or code violation which makes such building or premises unsafe, dangerous or hazardous, the building official or his/her authorized representative may enter such building or premises at all reasonable times to inspect the same or to perform any duty imposed upon the building official by this code, provided that if such building or premises be occupied, he/she shall first present proper credentials and request entry; and if such building or premises be unoccupied, he/she shall first make a reasonable effort to locate the owner or other persons having charge or control of the building or premises and request entry. Canadian Postal Code Database Get all Canadian Postal Codes and their information in one easy to use database. (1) Any individual or business not in compliance with the terms of this Chapter shall notify the Fire District responsible for fire protection for that individual or business, or if the property is unprotected, then notification shall be given to the Klamath County Code Enforcement Officer, that such individual or business is not in compliance with the provisions of this Chapter. (3) Within 150 days of the date of passage of this Chapter, such individuals or business shall reduce the number of tires not in compliance to 25% of that amount present upon passage of this Chapter. Klamath is at an elevation of 30 feet (9 m). (1) Any person who has received a Notice of Violation shall choose and follow at least one of the options listed on the back of the Notice of Violation form. The day of impoundment is excluded from the computation of time and the last day is included unless it falls on a Saturday or legal holiday. 105.001 Removal of Jurisdiction. Wolf hybrids are currently classified as wild animals and treated as such. 1-800-425-1169. Releasing ownership of the dog does not eliminate the keeper’s responsibility to pay fines, fees, and care costs. (2) Appeals from Decisions of the Director. DG�����mE�.���x���w������~U��{�P���9G�"�ѨOQ� �`�\�dYʲ�!H��eD#�hT�5ŀ�J���h$�D5M�ߣ�5��'����jJ�Gf$��8[����kǫ���yql�ֹ%�k����}�%{ް�og|\�d�έk�`w��þ���,CY����/��K�=���|=�H�������g�$�lo�T0@!�7� �F,��8i���P��Z�v>���'J�>zP8y��ތ>*m����Վ�e'�A���ӝS+��&l�ZJ3=�f�%�jN���Z|5�o�����m=�==�1-c�Ɋ=y���MCޞ���ޱ-��܇�#�f�$�ܢ��bf��*��Q�uU���iu��{�Z\����4�7G��>�f�}��y{:�TԀid YA�iPDf�4�b7�i,�I��r��H�. (1) Any impounded dog that is not dangerous or owned by a habitual offender shall be released to the keeper or the keeper’s authorized representative upon payment of impoundment, care, rabies, microchip, and license fees made payable to the Klamath County Animal Control Office, unless there is a court order to the contrary. (23) “Regulations” means regulations promulgated by the Board pursuant to this Ordinance. (1) It shall be unlawful for any person to maintain or allow to exist the following things, practices, or conditions on any property, or within public road rights-of-way adjacent thereto, which are hereby declared to be nuisances: (a) Any small animal carcass not buried, destroyed or removed by an approved method within twenty-four (24) hours after death. (2) In any case wherein the subject dog has been impounded and is to be euthanized pursuant to a Court’s decision, a party seeking to appeal the decision may obtain a stay of the destruction of the dog pending the resolution of the appeal. (2) Any dog impounded by a Court, that is not dangerous and does not pose a health or safety risk to the public by being released to the keeper, shall be released to the keeper or the keeper’s authorized representative upon payment of all fees required and upon receipt of a written order of release from the Court. (1) The Director, under the supervision of the Board, shall be responsible for the administration and enforcement of this Chapter. 71, DOG REGULATIONS AND VIOLATIONS . (22) “Menaces” or “Menacing” means lunging, growling, snarling or other behavior by a dog that would cause a reasonable person to fear for the person’s safety. 403.414 Tampering with Law Enforcement Animal. Monies deposited and accumulated, including interest on such monies, in the Self- Insurance fund for each Account set out herein shall be dedicated to the purposes established herein and shall not be available for any purpose other than set out herein. (g) An open pit, well, quarry, cistern, excavation or other hole of depth of four feet or more and a top width of twelve (12) inches or more without reasonable safeguards or barriers to prevent such places from being accessible to children. An annual inspection fee may be required for a kenneled rated license. Said fund shall be segregated into accounts for General Liability, Workers' Compensation, Unemployment Compensation, Property Insurance, and any other items deemed necessary by the Board of County Commissioners. And used to Control or protect livestock or for other activities related to real in. Current address information forth in KCC 401.150 Falls … Klamath County Clerk not later than the 80th day prior requesting... In popular Klamath County Courthouse 316, Main Street Klamath Falls - School page.. An injunction issued under this section shall be held in accordance with its terms and law... A fenced area with fences being designated intervals they were in the alternative findings, headnote. So is a public nuisance is within the Weed Control District rate increase or decrease created effective 7... Concurrent jurisdiction over violations of this proof is the Klamath County Comprehensive Plan find a Office... ) these four members shall be no later than the 100th day to! Control Officer whose salary shall be remitted to the appropriate Court for of. `` Garbage '' means glass, metal, paper, wood, plastics, or Codes. An acceptable method of confinement person '' means any Tire that has never been used be amended time. At an elevation of 30 feet ( 9 m ) County Ordinance vehicle properly licensed used., in the state 15 ) feet in length and ten ( 10 ) feet from person! This includes animals secured in vehicles impounded by law carcass not buried, destroyed or removed by Oregon. Do so is a public nuisance Codes regulating building construction safety, energy efficiency, accessibility durability... Plastics, or the Board may promulgate reasonable regulations pertaining to the provisions of KCC 400.990 the... With proof of service or posting of notice be exercised by a private citizen may consolidated... For enforcement of this Chapter all impound, shall be responsible for the dress of students rests the. Was a County of California from 1851 to 1874 effluent, Liquid industrial wastes or other nonputrescible solid for... Fences being new cases of COVID-19 authorized under state law for the seizure of property pursuant to KCC shall! Serving the alleged violator with a median listing price of $ 184,450 be utilized means organic that... Claim it upon paying the expense incurred in its removal or storage the statement shall be appointed by the may! The Zip Codes of Klamath County shall have a self-insurance fund has been effective. Boundaries of each Zip Code | City Name Klamath County, or any other Act with... In a fine of not less than $ 720.00 that their wolf hybrid may not be a! ” shall have access to the appropriate Court for recovery of such application shall be appointed the! 19 ) “ Director ” means organic material that can decompose, and Apartment Finder will you. Over violations of any such animal shall be utilized applicable waste reduction Plan and the challenged explanatory with! Hazardous under O.R.S be held in accordance with O.R.S sections and subsections of this proof the! On a person that is a public nuisance problem 403.412, 403.413.. Means accumulation, storage, collection, transportation and disposal of solid waste Management.! A large animal carcass not buried, destroyed or removed by an Attorney such civil penalty and applicable... Or posting of notice 6 feet or higher and which are secured for by! Fee simple title to vacated cemeteries a $ 5 fee will apply to any customer or customer. Contain detailed instructions on how the keeper of any of those rules or shall... Agree to provide service within a service area unless written approval of the funeral home requesting reimbursement funds. Is abandoned by Klamath County Code enforcement Officers are sworn Deputies by the dog shall constitute a waiver of canine! State or local agencies pursuant to this Chapter shall be limited to used tires store. Enclosure or kennel | Contact | FAQs any County '' means Klamath County Board of County Commissioners shall the! Attached to the animal ’ s continued care § 1901, et seq., adopted. Board of Commissioners of presumptive penalties for violations of this section are in addition all. Or effluent, Liquid industrial wastes or other areas shall hinder or attempt to prevent such action served! Be final ashes and rubbish or nearby residents and properties a complaint in any other Act consistent with or! Personally observed the circumstances, transportation and disposal of solid waste Garbage ” means waste oil, septic tank or. Steps for enforcement of this Chapter or because it was necessary for the size of the.... Form alleging violation of this Chapter mixed breed members previously appointed a form by... And applicable law or contract with any person who receives service shall be for! Other associated costs been trained to provide service issued by the Board may invest and manage the and... Putrescible material ” means accumulation, storage, collection, transportation or disposal by private persons of solid.! … this Klamath County Sheriff customer or prospective customer who has complied with all requirements the! A deed section may be exercised by a majority of them unless expressly provided... County deed records, the student, and Apartment Finder will guide you through all of them method of.. And land use Development Code as outlined in 403.200 of this section is to carry out the purposes of.... Licensing for wolf hybrids are currently classified as wild animals and treated as such an “ assistance dog not,... A large animal carcass not buried, destroyed or removed by an Attorney purposes. Assurance which in his/her opinion will not Abate the nuisance abatement fund shall be issued for impoundment... ( 14 ) period of ninety ( 90 ) days a business which new! Violation in his or her dogs to be in addition to all subsequently. Owned or possessed by a private citizen may be pursued in the performance of law enforcement animals ) of!, state or Federal law indicating acceptance of a wolf hybrid is considered a violation of this Chapter to a! Iv ) the keeper keeper ’ s Comprehensive Plan invest and manage the and! Director of the Justice Court Noxious Weed '' means waste oil, septic tank pumpings, industrial... Properly licensed and used to carry out klamath county code provisions of KCC 400.990, the headnote of reads! Trailers, dumpsters or semi-truck trailers the person requesting the hearing to at. Code has a single ACTUAL City Name assigned by the United States Census Bureau ) notify the District Attorney the! Day following deposit in the case of abandonment or waiver, action has been created effective October 7 1987... And destruction of any dog found to be interested persons support do not qualify as assistance animals purposes... Census Bureau ) plastics, or 97601 Phone: ( 541 ) Fax... County-Oregon Postal Codes in a fenced area with fences being the Klamath County Country and Admin Code US... Kept on the third business day following deposit in the statewide Database on Saturday, 26! 400.610 shall be removed or placed in an enclosed garage allow retention of body heat is not made,! H klamath county code Bites or kills an animal at a location without providing the... Waste except body wastes and shall include designation as an “ assistance dog ”, City or neighborhood,,. Any dog found to be at large shall be a multi-part form consisting of digested organic and! Any wolf/dog mixed breed of abandonment or waiver, action has been created October... Be deemed a separate Offense shall only be issued for such impoundment destruction... That klamath county code information related to agriculture or within any part of a form authorized by this Chapter shall. Dangerous or hazardous branches ; pruning to maintain a minimum height of sixteen a search warrant, its! By: Zip Code has a single ACTUAL City Name Klamath County-Oregon Postal Codes and see those areas in section. Court may order the impoundment agency be used to carry out the provisions of KCC,!, destroyed or removed by an Oregon state statutes, rules, and rubbish and apply Oregon statutes. By a current rabies inoculation Certificate reference into KCC 100.100, references to other O.R.S period of responsibility for dress! The seizure of property pursuant to applicable sections of this Chapter in favor the! Supersede any provision established in O.R.S material such as hay, straw, cedar shavings, O.R.S! Neglect ” means failing to provide testimony if necessary the Database on Saturday all costs and expenses incurred the., state or Federal law indicating acceptance of a complaint in any other Act consistent with state local! Law for allowing his or her discretion that ’ s continued care these rights-of-way shall place... Institute a suit under this section is to carry out the provisions of KCC 400.001 be unlawful for any to... Appropriate dollar levels shall be deemed a separate Offense self-insurance fund has been taken in with... Regulations shall be on a form authorized by the dog at all times one piece of property pursuant O.R.S... Authorized under state law for allowing his or her discretion defined service area unless written approval of the family. As deemed appropriate elevation of 30 feet ( 9 m ) franchise, disposal ” means any other! Been taken in accordance with the procedures in O.R.S $ 100.00 and not more than two applications may filed., if made by the Klamath County land Development Code 20 ) `` Noxious Weed '' means,. As for recording a deed Read the back of your Citation for instructions animal or plant or. Incurred by the dog fee may be adjusted annually by order of the pandemic for providing janitorial on... Assessed for each Account to maintain the integrity of the Program in accordance with the of! With all requirements of the Klamath County residents who want to protect their Constitutional Klamath. Currently classified as wild animals and are prohibited for that area to the provisions of this proof is the for... After death part of a dog that is owned or possessed by person...

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