requirements to get into uc berkeley


“Personal qualities of the applicant, including leadership ability, character, motivation, insight, tenacity, initiative, originality, intellectual independence, responsibility, maturity, and demonstrated concern for others and for the community are considered.” So, that’s a list of seemingly random personal attributes. Like we mentioned earlier, UC Berkeley has gone "test optional" for fall 2021 admissions due to COVID-19. Keep in mind that while the fall 2021 changes apply to everyone because of COVID-19, the system's test optional policies will be limited to in-state students only in future years (for now, at least). UC Berkeley Medical School Acceptance Rates Annual & Cumulative UC Berkeley and National Acceptance Rates: 2015-2019; Matrix of GPA and MCAT Scores of UCB Admits vs. (your school may call a class honors but it may not be deemed as such by the UC and not eligible for weight in the GPA.) Example: Starting your own… Read more », Hi! They're specifically looking for honors, AP, or IB courses since these are more difficult than regular-level classes. I’m very interested in genetic studies but my I am worried that my GPA (3.65) isn’t good enough. They will be able to tell you your options in more detail. Berkeley (and U.S. schools) don’t use “A levels”, it’s a UK thing. Remember, a SMART goal is all of the following: Alright, look alive! Berkeley wants students who are intelligent, leaders, passionate about what they're studying, and will have a positive impact on campus. For the personal insight box, you should include any relevant information about your extracurriculars there wasn't a spot for in the application, such as a time you showed exceptional leadership, took initiative, solved a serious problem, etc. Additionally, the University of California system of schools has decided to make one major change that will extend beyond the Fall 2021 admissions season. Also, Berkeley specifically mentions that they look at the "quality of your senior-year program," so don't be tempted to slack off senior year with a bunch of easy classes! Data courtesy of Cappex. Will not count for residence requirements including upper division in … Hello Joseph. The entire UC system calculates a special number called the UC GPA. Freshman applicants are students who are currently in high school (with or without college coursework completed), or students who have graduated high school … Of course, any elite university will almost always tell you that grades are not the only factor in determining whether you’ll be accepted. The UC System and Test-Blind Admissions in 2021. How to Get In: University of California—Berkeley School of Law What can you do to set yourself apart in your application? The ACT or SAT is required for admission to UC Berkeley, and most admitted students earn exemplary scores. Hi Todd, im a sophomore in high school I’m 15 years old and i would like to know if U.C Berkeley is a good place to major in writing? All UC schools, including UC Berkeley, will stop requiring the ACT and SAT as part of the admissions process for in-state students by 2025. See how other students and parents are navigating high school, college, and the college admissions process. I am giving out 2 scholarships per country right now for our mastermind program to get into elite schools like UC Berkeley. It's in these boxes that you can explain any information you'd like the application readers to know. Berkeley's overall acceptance rate is 17%, but its Computer Science acceptance rate is only 8.5%. For Graduate Division admissions ranking purposes, applicants will ultimately be in either: Group A: 1-A; 2-A; or 3-A which signifies Program and Admit, or Group D: 1-D; 2-D; or 3-D which signifies Program and Deny .

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